Whether their artwork is commissioned or covert, street artists display a commitment to personal expression through public art. Whenever possible I will acknowledge the artists responsible for the creation of these original works of art by featuring them in an artist’s profile. Many of them have websites and a fortunate few have leveraged their notoriety to spread their messages and even build lucrative businesses.

“As my artist’s statement explains, my work is utterly incomprehensible and is therefore full of deep significance.” – Calvin

If you like their art please support them by visiting their websites. If you see *your* art featured without an acknowledgement then 1) I’m sorry but the art provided no indication of who created it, and 2) please contact me and share your website, blog, or just your name or moniker so I can credit you.

It is with sincere appreciation that I say “thank you!” for sharing your creative visions with the world.

Artist Profiles

Bergner, Joel

Corner of U St. NW & 1st St. NW, Washington, DC, USA

“…nomadic artist, educator, and advocate for social action…”

Folks living in Washington, DC have the good fortune of viewing many of Joel’s colorful, expressive murals that adorn walls throughout the city. He now calls Brooklyn home (according to his bio) and must be brightening up neighborhoods all over the Five Burroughs.  But his work and his mission extend well beyond the confines of DC, New York, and even the US. To learn more about Joel, his mission, and to see more photos of his amazing work visit his web site: His bio is as inspiring as the artwork he shares with the world. He established Action Ashe! Global Art & Social Action Initiative “to create social change and celebrate culture through public art.” He is truly an artist on a mission with a heart the size and scope of which is expressed in his vibrant murals.

Fairey, Shepard
OBEY, Irvine Alley, Washington, DC

OBEY, Irvine Alley, Washington, DC, USA


Read his manifesto. Whether you appreciate his message and purpose, his manifesto is at least an amusing, and delightfully well written, ode to a sticker. There is no denying the public phenomenon he has become. Appreciate his talent if nothing else. The mural pictured used to occupy a wall in Logan Circle, Northwest Washington, DC. Regretfully, it deteriorated over the years, was vandalized, torn, and was eventually painted over by another artist. Walking by it for years gave plenty of opportunity to contemplate the messages it contained but mostly I just appreciated the outstanding artwork.

Udofia, Aniekan
Busboys & Poets, K St. NW & 5th St. NW, Washington, DC

Busboys & Poets, K St. NW & 5th St. NW, Washington, DC


Aniekan Udofia is one of my favorite DC artists. His commissioned murals brighten walls throughout the city. His work is colorful and the messages they portray, implicitly and sometimes explicitly, are inspiring. Over time you will see many of my posts display his work in whole or in part. Learn more about the artist and see pictures of his brilliant work on his website.