Street Art City Scene

I love big cities. They have energy. They promote creative dialogue. And they provide a canvas for incredibly talented people to express their creativity. Massive or miniature, in-your-face or subtle, the walls, doors, and boarded windows are the canvas upon which these artists work. I am fortunate to live in one of the more unique, perhaps paradoxical cities in the US – Washington, DC. As an appreciative observer I can say the street art scene is vibrant here. And from here cities up and down the East coast and even those in the Midwest are a short drive, bus, train, or plane ride away. Whenever I get a chance to wander the cities we visit I do so with camera in hand and an eye open for artwork that may be hiding just around the next corner.

You can find artwork in some of the most unexpected places, inviting and intimidating. Not only are street artists creative, some are incredibly brave and others are just outright reckless. By no means am I condoning the defacing of public or personal property but I do have to respect the audacity some of these folks display in their “canvas” choices.

On these pages I will try to capture and convey the energy of cities worldwide as expressed by their artwork online, some I have visited, most I long to visit. So many cities, so little time… Here you will find ramblings of my own and hyperlinks to websites that promote the street art scene in various ways and in various cities. Post a comment if you have recommendations.




Rio de Janeiro

  • Street art now legal in Rio de Janeiro. Read the article.




Los Angeles

New York

Richmond, VA

  • Richmond Mural Project – Started in 2012 this annual event gathers street artists from around the world to paint murals in the greater Richmond area

 Washington, DC

  • Art202 – The official blog of the DC Commission on the Arts & Humanities