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Thanks for taking an interest in my blog.

It is a sincere reflection of my love for creative expression in public art and music. And it reflects my ever growing appreciation for poetry and prose. I want this to be a multi-sensory experience by combining visual art, written word, and inspired music.

The beauty of street art is that you can find it everywhere, on display for the world to see – not just isolated in private collections for a privileged few. It is raw, uncensored expression full of meaning, humor, irony, anger, happiness, pride and countless other emotions and statements.Poetry and prose, combined with music can complement or even contradict the messages expressed by the muralists and artists. That is why I created this blog.

My fascination with street art does not extend only to the end of my camera lens. The photos will be combined with music, poetry, or prose, through crowd-sourcing and content contributions – a public on-line street art poetry slam.

I am sharing photographs of creative, beautiful, amusing, curious, sometimes controversial, and potentially thought provoking street art taken during my travels throughout cities worldwide. I hope to move viewers of my blog to contribute poetry of any form inspired by the artwork in my posts.

If they provoke your ire or inspire your creativity and you feel moved to capture those feelings in a poem or short story of any form (or if you already have one hidden away in a notebook), please post it in a comment (and let me know if you prefer to remain anonymous as my default will be to credit all contributing authors). Recognizing that musical tastes are totally subjective, feel free to recommend a song you think expresses the mood of the art.

About Me

My name is Matt. As a child I aspired to be an architect, creating Lego castles and floor plans out of construction paper. When I reached college and started down my architectural education path it became evident that I had neither the diligence nor, more importantly, the aptitude to be an architect. Hats off to those of you who create the spaces we occupy!

So I studied marketing instead and graduated with a business degree. Now I am a marketer, project manager, business process analyst, amateur photographer, newbie blogger, and husband. I like to maintain a healthy balance between my rigid professional life and my creative, free-spirited side. Fair warning…I might try my hand at writing poetry. Feel free to one up me…please.