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Moon Phases

Artist: Kelly Towles | Insta: @kellytowles | Location: Washington, DC

“Moon Phases”

A poem by Olivia Armanini, 2017
Inspired by @erbodyloveslucy
Published with permission from the author.

Moon phases are the most reliable GPS
blue car or blue ocean,
ETA or Tidal wave,
both attempts at reaching
Opposite ends of the earth.

And what keeps her reaching?
The achievement of dreaming.
intentional imagination is a greater
force than the moon’s gravitational pull.

So when they ask her where she is from
the soft lips no longer stutter
because she belongs wherever there is music.

Living in forest base drums
tap dancing  on your shoulders
to adjust retired posture.

Bouncing to beats
bruises the feet
the symbol to breathe
So she can stare at the ocean
and never be scared.

Olivia Armanini is a poet from New Orleans. She is a poet of Spoken Word and Typewriter Prose studying English at Southeastern Louisiana University. Olivia has authored two collections of poetry: “I Took Over Pan’s Shift Three World’s Ago” and “Prophetic Warings: A Collection of Truth From Science to Stardust.” The collection titled “Prophetic Warnings:” is available on Amazon. Follow her on instagram @poems_by_olive to collaborate for heART and see words that reestablish the ordinary.